Capitalization Wheel

In the AlterBg team and with the support of expert economists, we have defined a Fractional operability plan that allows the financial structure of this project to generate an endogenous liquidity circuit from InGame transactions.
This circuit is highly influenced by trends in social interactions in the online world, since as in other great titles, Altered BG is a completely online world in real time in which interaction with other members of the community will encourage the acquisition. and consumption of marketable items for the entertainment and display of personalized characters. That is why in all the Transaction Fees carried out within the playable environment, it is divided to be used for the repurchase and continuous injection of liquidity to the AlterBg token.
In stage 1, based on a ratio of 100,000 active players per day, the liquid injection estimates would be as follows in the main processes:
  • The liquidity estimate obtained in private game modes (with an entry price) is 500 USD for every 10,000 USD
  • Liquidity obtained by the NFT mint is 5,000 USD for every 10,000 USD
  • Income earned through store transaction taxes is 250 USD for Every 10.000 USD
  • For secondary processes in which a commission or ingame price is charged, 50% of those obtained is injected into the Liquidity pool

Token Uses

To maintain the stability of the token, we will use 2 tokens, the AlterBg token and BUSD. each of them is used in the following processes:
  • BUSD is used for Market transactions
  • AlterBg token is used for pay NFT Mint
  • AlterBg token is used to pay the entry price in private games modes
  • AlterBg token is used to pay item repair
  • AlterBg token is used to purchase in-game crafting items
  • AlterBg token is used as a PlayToEarn prize (10,000 AlterBg Daily)

Price Oracle

In correlation with the above, transactions within the playable environment based on the AlterBg token, have a price regulated according to the BUSD referential value, for which there will always be a price balance regardless of the Token's referential value.