Play to Earn

The objective of being a play to earn mode is to attract a wide range of players from both the crypto world and the world of conventional games and encourage competitive participation within a wide world full of challenges and activities.
This portion of the reward will be distributed among all players who meet the dynamic requirements established by the development team with community participation in the choice of activities.
The distribution is daily with a maximum amount of 10,000 tokens until the established base amount of 20% is exhausted. Once this amount is exhausted, the tokens that were obtained between the different commissions and transactions of the game will be redistributed maintaining the same pattern.
Some examples of transactions that accumulate tokens to be redistributed are:
  • Market Commissions
  • Tokens used in the citadel
  • Engineer manufacturing and repair fee
  • Multiple interactions with NPCs within the game
Token Amount
% of total supply
Unlock schedule
10.000 daily by ~5 years