Token Mining

Unlike many CryptoGames in which you must make a gigantic investment to participate and be able to receive rewards, Altered Battleground is planned more as a game accessible to all public for free and of course be very entertaining. That is why the majority distribution of the tokens are within the game, and the reason is simple; Those who are more integrated and participate both in the exploration and in the fulfillment of the daily activities, the greater the probabilities of receiving more generous prizes (Tokens and NFTs).
The player will be rewarded for their skill and effort ... With this we hope a lasting longevity throughout the years and to be able to offer great moments of fun and rewards.
The distribution of daily tokens will correspond to the activity carried out by each character, there are 4 main categories (it may be subject to change depending on events or others):
% Daily Drop
Patrol missions (waves)
PvP Battles
Creature drop, additional missions, open world and more
Reward for exchanging game items for tokens
Game participation (distributed among all active players on the day)
Payment in tokens will be subject to the various game modes, as well as: Top Rankin and mission scores, creature drops and others ...