Types of NFT

Game Items are categorized into 8 different NFT types, which have their own functionalities and / or characteristics. They can be obtained both by PvE battles and by exchanging them in the store.


  • Cosmetics: alter the appearance of the characters, effects, appearance of weapons.
  • Weapons: Combat weapons with damage multiplier and random attributes
  • ARMOR: equipment that grants additional attributes to the character such as defense
  • ITEM: equipments that can grant some special abilities and extra attributes
  • CREATURE: character pets
  • CHARACTER: Controllable character
  • STRUCTURE: Manufacturing elements within the acquired land
  • ANIMATION: gestures and animations (Always have the lowest rarity)


  • Stamine: Increased Health
  • Attackpower: Increased Damage Dealt
  • Agility: lightness of movement and increased height when jumping
  • Critical Chance: Chance to deal critical damage
  • Defense: Protection against damage received
  • Element