This particular NPC is a fundamental part of the game, since in it actions such as: manufacture of objects, repair of weapons, equipment improvements and others are carried out. You can find it both in the start menu and within each PvE game.


For item creation, the engineer requires 2 items to be supplied:
  • The first is a design diagram which establishes the initial rarity of each item.
  • The second corresponds to the payment for their services. The manufacturing cost will depend on the rarity starting from scrap to legendary.


Some items will wear out according to their use in battle, and in order to continue using them over time, the engineer needs to help us restore the quality of the item. Like the forge, the engineer will charge based on the rarity of the item.


All payments made to the engineer and other entities of the game will be with game tokens, but the amount of tokens will depend on the average market price in the last 48 hours in relation to the BUSD (Oracle), that is, the value will be set at BUSD in order to promote the stability of values ...
Assuming for example that the price of each game Token is = 2 BUSD, the prices of forging objects would be:
  • Scrap: 8 BUSD ( 4 Game token )
  • Normal: 16 BUSD ( 8 Game token )
  • Rare: 24 BUSD ( 12 Game token )
  • Épic: 32 BUSD ( 16 Game token )
  • Legendary: 40 BUSD ( 20 Game token )
  • Mythic: 48 BUSD ( 24 Game token )
Repair prices are equivalent to 10% of the manufacturing cost