Etapa:2 .Que gane el mas hábil
Battles between players will always be a great opportunity to improve your skills, but mainly the various game modes will allow you to win excellent prizes if you rank within the top.

Stage 1

Random 5v5 Battles

Each character can enlist in random battles against others ... the winner will gain a cumulative score and the defeated will lose an X1.3, therefore try to be the winner.
The top of the best scores will win an amount of tokens according to the position in the LeaderBoard
Game Modes:
  • DeathMatch
  • Capture the Flags

Random 5V5 PvE

Take part in competitive Games, where you can Fight against terrible creatures or complete fun missions where the fight is not relevant ...
Some game modes are:
  • Chaos on the Farm, Capture the Runaway Animals
  • Collect Supplements
  • Survive waves of monsters

Stage 2

Battles Duel (1v1,2v2,5v5) (Entry Cost)

Duels have an entry cost and the winner of 2/3 of the rounds will win the entry tokens of the opposing player by subtracting the transaction commission

Weekly Events

Participate in unique modalities that allow you to obtain great rewards

Stage 3

Open World Battles

Some territories can be conquered, if you rule it, they will generate passive tokens according to the activity within that territory
Be the best of all!