Content Creators

As a content creator we know that your audience comes first, that is why we are excited to announce that in the coming days, you will have a registration section where you can offer your followers a special discount code in the "started" presale pack "of 10% of the published price.
Additionally, as a support method for your great effort in the distribution of content, Your creator code will grant you 5% for each purchase of the "started pack" made by those who use your code; In addition, each transaction carried out in the manufacture of Items (Mint) with the Engineer will grant you 5% of the sales commission for all those who use your creator code.
Our policy is one of mutual support with all members of the community, we hope to be pioneers in the implementation of this reciprocity system in crypto.
In summary, the benefits delivered by the use of the creator code are as follows:
% Discount
% of the Fee as support to the creator
Buy Started Pack
Mint of NFT
Market Transaction